GO BASIC: Ease your anxiety

Dr. Priti Nanda One in seven Indians were affected by mental disorders of varying severity in 2017. The proportional contribution of mental disorders to the total disease burden in India has almost doubled since 1990. Anxiety and depression often go hand in hand, and it can significantly impact our quality of life. In the present times ofContinue reading “GO BASIC: Ease your anxiety”

Manage Stress and Motivate Self in WFH

Seema Chowdhry A newly minted remote worker? Deal with accompanying anxiety by becoming aware of your needs and practicing time management techniques. Managing work from home can be stressful, specially if you are new to it and have teams to manage and motivate. In the three week lockdown period, we all scrambled and learned thatContinue reading “Manage Stress and Motivate Self in WFH”

The Silver Lining Behind the COVID Threat

Mr. Akhil Gupta We are all deeply saddened by the threat the COVID-19 virus is posing to our health and way of life. But I am confident the coordinated actions of world leaders will minimize the hardships on the less fortunate and the elderly and restore our economy. This event has a finite end. AndContinue reading “The Silver Lining Behind the COVID Threat”

Tough Times, Tougher Startups

Mr. Kunal Bahl Building a start-up is a demanding endeavour in the best of times. Start-ups encounter a range of challenges – a search for the right product-market fit, access to capital, technology choices, the task of building a winning team etc. Many start-ups are able to think through these, make informed choices and executeContinue reading “Tough Times, Tougher Startups”

Social Stigma associated with COVID-19

Dr. Sneha Sharma The outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) is stressful, confusing, and fearful for the people. It is leading to social stigma towards certain people. As defined by WHO, “Social stigma in the context of health is the negative association between a person or group of people who share certain characteristics and a specific disease.Continue reading “Social Stigma associated with COVID-19”


Dr. Sneha Sharma COVID-19 crisis has hit the world head on. While the countries are coming to terms with the immediate short term health crisis, one can see the looming long-term psychological impact this pandemic can have. Psychological well being is intricately connected to the social environment and any uncertainty in economic and social orderContinue reading “SUICIDE PREVENTION IN THE TIMES OF COVID-19”

COVID-19 vs. OCD Symptoms

Dr. Sneha Sharma The coronavirus pandemic has added an additional challenge to individuals living with OCD. These individuals  are continuously seeking out certainty and reassurances for their doubts and anxiety. For many such people, the COVID-19 pandemic is strangely validating their fear and doubts about accidental infections and invisible looming danger. Their compulsions of cleaningContinue reading “COVID-19 vs. OCD Symptoms”

Essential things to have during the Coronavirus Crisis

Dr. Sneha Sharma Any crisis causes a chaos. Very few are adequately equipped to face a crisis at any time in their life. To keep this chaos and disarrangement to the minimum, one always needs to have sufficient essentials to keep one going in times like these. We may not have been prepared. But, betterContinue reading “Essential things to have during the Coronavirus Crisis”

Optimising Children’s Mental Health during COVID-19

No one would have imagined in their wildest dreams that a virus will be capable of bringing the world to a stand-still. But here we are, living and experiencing the event first hand. This event has wrecked havoc on everyone irrespective of their age, gender, class, religion, race. When adults are having a hard timeContinue reading “Optimising Children’s Mental Health during COVID-19”


While the world is applauding their efforts, not everyone understands the challenges entailed by frontline health care workers. These frontline workers are the ones who are directly involved with the diagnosis, treatment and care of those with COVID-19. These individuals are at risk of extreme psychological stress as a result of the uncertainty over theContinue reading “MENTAL HEALTH CARE FOR THE FRONTLINERS”

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