Dr. Rajesh Khanna and Dr. Sneha Sharma Caregivers of those with mental illnesses often face remarkable challenges providing appropriate support for the person with the disorder. While caregiving is often rewarding in many ways, a lot of caregivers might find themselves stressed and confused over the lockdown and in their ability to provide support toContinue reading “FAMILY CAREGIVING OF PATIENTS DURING COVID-19”

Mental Health of Caregivers of COVID-19 positive patients

Dr. Sanchari Mukhopadhyay We’re facing a new reality now. It’s the reality of a global crisis which has affected and is affecting thousands of lives. In this unforeseen and unexpected situation, stress and anxiety of the people are absolutely understandable. Medical experts all over the globe are trying to formulate a comprehensive management for thisContinue reading “Mental Health of Caregivers of COVID-19 positive patients”

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