Staying Independently WELLthy

Dr. Shamini Jain “Your Health is your Real Wealth”.  – Mohandas K. Gandhi Dear friends, There is no doubt that our current collective coronavirus pandemic is helping us realize the nature and truth of our interdependence, mortality, and resolve toward collective healing.  Like all crises, there is the tendency to waver between denial and panic. Continue reading “Staying Independently WELLthy”

Global Pandemic and the Educators

Rekha Chauhan Daily exposure to news about COVID-19 (Coronavirus) may result in a range of responses from different people in different ways. The Covid 19 outbreak is stressful for people and Teachers are no different. Reactions can be emotional, somatic, and/or behavioral, and can impact mental and physical health of the young & adults. WithContinue reading “Global Pandemic and the Educators”

Couple’s Relationship

The government guidelines on social distancing and self-isolation is encouraging people to stay at home and only to get out to shop for necessities and essential work. As a result, many will find themselves in the novel position of the constant company of their partner, potentially for the first time ever. Others who are followingContinue reading “Couple’s Relationship”

Pandemic meets Digital Transformation

Hannah M. Mayer As a forceful enemy widely referred to as COVID-19 entered the global stage, companies found themselves in the field of fire, torn between the demands of radically new realities imposed by Coronavirus and the deep-rooted necessity (and oftentimes, long-prepared ambition) to digitally transform. The pandemic brought with it a transformational (and oftenContinue reading “Pandemic meets Digital Transformation”

Caring for your pets during the lockdown

Dr. Sneha Sharma and co-authored by Sanjula Sinha Pets don’t demand anything other than your time and attention, and this lockdown is excellent for some bonding. After the Coronavirus outbreak, people have isolated themselves. Meanwhile, the pets are helping the owner feel less lonely and alone during this pandemic situation. After the recent announcement ofContinue reading “Caring for your pets during the lockdown”


Prof. Nelson Phillips Coronavirus could prove an unexpected spur to the digital transformation of businesses all around the world There is nothing more modern than the commute to work. All over the world, billions of people hop in their cars, take a bus, or board a train every morning to get to work, only toContinue reading “HOW WILL WORK LOOK LIKE AFTER CORONA-VIRUS?”

Managing Self-Harm behaviour

Dr. Sneha Sharma Truth about Self-harm Self harm behaviour is usually a taboo and is often kept a secret. However the behaviour itself isn’t uncommon and frequently encountered in adolescent and young adults. Understanding of this behaviour in self and others will be helpful in dealing with the same. What is self-harm Self-harm is aContinue reading “Managing Self-Harm behaviour”

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