Couple’s Relationship

The government guidelines on social distancing and self-isolation is encouraging people to stay at home and only to get out to shop for necessities and essential work. As a result, many will find themselves in the novel position of the constant company of their partner, potentially for the first time ever. Others who are following the restrictions of lockdown away from family may experience the opposite and not see their loved ones for a long period of time. This will undoubtedly bring a new dynamic and new set of challenges to many relationships and is likely to leave many wondering how their relationship will fare through the next few weeks and months.

Couples will face issue due to lack of relationship skills, lack of communication, lack of support in daily chores, constant criticism, constant comparison, lack to space, lack of time for self.

This may bring irritability, anger, emotional breakdown, loosing interest in activities, loosing interest in self care, picking up arguments, loosing Concentration, etc

Here are some tips to help you get through lockdown:

1. Contribute in daily chores

Contributing in daily chores will not only help to reduce the work stress but also increase the bonding and love between couples.

2. Check in with your feelings

If we ignore our feelings, they have a tendency to build up and we may end up taking these out on our loved ones.Taking time each day to check-in with how you are feeling – for example, by journaling, meditating or talking to a friend – will allow you to be more aware of your emotions, help you to take responsibility for them and respond appropriately.

3. Share your feelings

Share your feelings with your partner, be it Related to your work, fear about the future or anything else. It will help them to understand You better and also what you are going through. This will help in strengthening The bond between the two of you.

4. Try to communicate your desires

Rather than keeping your desires or expectations to yourself, communicate it with your partner. Ask for their inputs and reach a common ground. This will work even if it is very minor issue like for example related to change in place of some furniture or belongings, or what needs to be cooked for dinner. It will also show your interest in living together and decrease the communication gap.

5.Be Kind

Treating your partner as well as possible, being kind, recognising the relationship issues that you need to solve and letting go of the little things that don’t matter can all help. This does not mean that you can’t still try to improve your situation if you need to or should accept abusive or aggressive behaviour.

6. Try to focus on positives rather than negatives.

Having less face-to-face contact with friends, family and work colleagues during lockdown may leave you feeling unsupported and alone. Your mental health may also have been affected as a result of how the outbreak if affecting you and you may find that you need to rely on your partner more than usual for support as well as be more supportive in return.Despite the challenges we are facing, focusing on the benefits of your situation will make these next few months easier to bear e.g. if you are not working now having more time for yourself or with your partner or having dinner with your children every night now they’re not at school. When we focus on the positives and what we are grateful for, we not only feel closer to our loved ones, but we also feel happier too.

7. Try stay at home date

During lockdown going out to a mall or a restaurant or to a movie theater is not possible. Same routine can also cause boredom or lack of interest in each other. Put your creativity to good use and try candle light dinner at home. You can also watch your partner’s favourite movie online once in a while.

8. Do not have a rigid and fixed routine all the time.

Allow some flexibility in the routine to accommodate your partner’s needs and if they need your help or time when they are stressed.

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