Caring for your pets during the lockdown

Dr. Sneha Sharma and co-authored by Sanjula Sinha

Pets don’t demand anything other than your time and attention, and this lockdown is excellent for some bonding.

After the Coronavirus outbreak, people have isolated themselves. Meanwhile, the pets are helping the owner feel less lonely and alone during this pandemic situation. After the recent announcement of the government to stay at home, the pet owners have a lot of questions. Until now, there has been no report of animals getting infected from the disease. However, pet owners can take specific precautions for their safety.

This article is for people who are healthy and are self-isolating themselves. If you are not healthy, then this article will not be helpful.

For owners to take care of their pets, it is recommended to follow some simple rules: 

  1. Create a sanitized environment: It is essential to carry a poo bag for pets. If possible, take the pet to the terrace. This way, you will also avoid going out in the open and avoid getting infected. In case that option is not possible, then make sure not to touch any shared wall or corridors. It is essential to wash your hands thoroughly after coming home. 
  2. Do make impulsive pet decisions: Do not abandon your pet because you are scared that you might get infected. As mentioned earlier, there has been no evidence, as cleared by the World Health Organization, that pets can transmit the disease to you. Also, pets are likely to keep the owner engaged, active, and healthy during the quarantine period. Hence, it is urged not to make any decisions that you might regret later.
  3. Ensure cleanliness: Pets can pick up infected objects when they go for a walk. It is essential to check that they are clean before they walk into your house. You need to wash your pet or sanitize their paws and brush their fur after every walk every day.

Additionally, you may also follow the below suggestions:

  1. Teach them new tricks: You can utilize the time to teach them new skills. You can create some hurdles using household products for some indoor activity and let them relax their muscles. You can also play ‘fetch’ and teach them to bring small items.
  2. Get enough pet supplies: Make sure to get enough pet supplies so that you do not have to run again and again for pet food.
  3. Avoid going to vets: Unless essential and urgent, avoid going to vets every weekend. In case you need some usual medicines or ointments, then you can call the local vets to check if they can send those medicines through courier.
  4. Follow a routine: In case you are working from home, then you will be required to cook, clean, and complete office work as well. Make sure to follow a time table and spare some hours every day to play with your pets. 

Following the above suggestions will help you ensure safety for you as well as your surroundings. It is a great time to invest some time with your pets. This quarantine period will help in rejuvenating yourself. Once the pandemic gets over, you will have a better understanding of your pet.

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