Healing Our Nation

Addressing Systemic Trauma with Communities of Color Dr. Shamini Jain “Power without love is reckless and abusive, and love without power is sentimental and anemic. Power at its best is love implementing the demands of justice, and justice at its best is power correcting everything that stands against love.” ― Martin Luther King Jr. “YouContinue reading “Healing Our Nation”

Staying Independently WELLthy

Dr. Shamini Jain “Your Health is your Real Wealth”.  – Mohandas K. Gandhi Dear friends, There is no doubt that our current collective coronavirus pandemic is helping us realize the nature and truth of our interdependence, mortality, and resolve toward collective healing.  Like all crises, there is the tendency to waver between denial and panic. Continue reading “Staying Independently WELLthy”

Family Relationship

During this lockdown family relationship have been affected in myriad ways, both negative and positive. Suddenly we have to adjust to a whole new reality. There is a lot more time being spent at home and it is an opportunity to bond and gel and catchup with family members. However, everyone in the family hasContinue reading “Family Relationship”

Couple’s Relationship

The government guidelines on social distancing and self-isolation is encouraging people to stay at home and only to get out to shop for necessities and essential work. As a result, many will find themselves in the novel position of the constant company of their partner, potentially for the first time ever. Others who are followingContinue reading “Couple’s Relationship”

Pandemic meets Digital Transformation

Hannah M. Mayer As a forceful enemy widely referred to as COVID-19 entered the global stage, companies found themselves in the field of fire, torn between the demands of radically new realities imposed by Coronavirus and the deep-rooted necessity (and oftentimes, long-prepared ambition) to digitally transform. The pandemic brought with it a transformational (and oftenContinue reading “Pandemic meets Digital Transformation”

Anxiety during COVID-19

COVID-19 is a crisis. Because of the unexpected nature of the event along with the uncertainty of future and the threat on our life  and of those we love, it is natural to feel worry and stress. Stress enables us to appraise a situation and prepare for response. So, in a way stress is notContinue reading “Anxiety during COVID-19”

Managing Self-Harm behaviour

Dr. Sneha Sharma Truth about Self-harm Self harm behaviour is usually a taboo and is often kept a secret. However the behaviour itself isn’t uncommon and frequently encountered in adolescent and young adults. Understanding of this behaviour in self and others will be helpful in dealing with the same. What is self-harm Self-harm is aContinue reading “Managing Self-Harm behaviour”


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